This is a speech given by my son, Austin, in 2008.

My Life With C.P.

I have Cerebral Palsy, also known as C.P. C.P. is brain damage caused by lack of oxygen to the brain while in the womb. C.P. has affected me in many ways, like giving me stiff and tight muscles. It also makes me spastic and I walk on my toes. C.P. can't be cured, but it won't get any worse.

Having C.P. has affected my life in many ways. I can't do everything everyone else can do. I'm very spastic. That means I can't stay still. It is hard for me to ride a 2-wheeler or a skateboard. I can't shoot basketball either.

I can still play baseball and football. I can also play video games and games on the computer. Having a walker is pretty cool, but the basket is bad. I can still have friends. I'm not any different from everyone else.

My speech is okay, for some people. For others, it can be really bad. I need to work on my speech because I want to be a preacher. People will need to understand me. Most of my friends can still understand me, which is good. I've heard it gets better every day.

What I'm trying to get out there is, C.P. affects many people in many ways. My friends see me as normal, others see me as different. People with C.P. just want to be recognized as normal.

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